About Kieran Noonan

Hello! I am…

  • 56, a happily married father of four who swims, cycles, grows trees and enjoys woodworking;
  • a Senior Secondary Humanities Teacher of History, Economics, Geography, Politics and Law;
  • a former IBM Marketing Representative and Army Reserve Officer;
  • a Councilor with the Shire of Capel and a part-time Prison Chaplain;
  • a 5th generation descendant of convicts, guards, farmers, mechanics and teachers, with a deep connection to and love of the SW.
  • an attentive listener; a committed worker and a passionate advocate for a better future for the entire South West Region.  I hope you will entrust me to serve you.

“I’m running for Bunbury in the State election because I believe the regions have been short changed for too long by the major parties. They make decisions about our resources, our environments, our opportunities and futures from Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, with scant regard for our opinions. It’s time to make them listen.”