About the Western Australia Party

The Western Australia Party was first established by WA’s first Premier, Sir John Forrest, in 1906. It was re-instituted in 2016 by Cr Julie Matheson

In 1906…

Sir John Forrest was a great explorer and a visionary statesman. Working with C. Y. O’Connor, he was responsible for thousands of kilometres of railways; the Kalgoorlie pipeline; the Fremantle and Bunbury ports and many other state-wide infrastructure projects. 
He was in favour of Federation; but conscious that smaller states would struggle to win a fair deal from the more populous states. 

He also had serious environmental credibility. He legislated to protect Kings Park, and was the first President of the Kings Park Board.

Then in 2016…

When the new Western Australia Party was established by Cr Julie Matheson in 2016, WA was receiving just 34 cents in the dollar GST.  ‘Nothing could be done’ according to the Sydney-Melbourne-Canberra leadership of both the Liberal and Labor parties.  That was until the Western Australia Party started to make some headway.  Our GST share is now 70 cents.  Better; but still not a fair return. 

And that’s what we’re all about.  A fair return for WA.  Then within WA, a fair return for the Regions that generate 95% of the State’s exports, and over 1/3rd of total economic activity.