On your bike!

With the Covid lockdown restricting movement and traffic, now is an ideal time to put on your helmet and mask, and get your hour of daily exercise on your bike. There are many beautiful places to ride around Bunbury, but one that deserves more attention is the Bunbury – Capel – Busselton Cycle Link.

With my Centurion Comp TA – still as light and fast as when I first fell in love with her at Uni, back in 1984…

The long overdue Bunbury to Capel to Busselton Cycle Link should be completed as a priority for tourism, employment and safe commuting between these major regional centres.  It will take @ $3 million to complete the sealed link, and then an additional $9 million over time to widen the existing rural roads to a world class cycle touring standard.

The widening of the single lane Mallokup Bridge, a key entry point to Peppermint Grove Beach, to dual lanes and separate cycle / pedestrian path would complete the journey. With over 500 vehicle movements per day, the estimated cost of $2.5 million is a worthy infrastructure investment.

The Western Australia Party supports the completion of the Bunbury to Capel to Busselton Cycle Link, and the widening of the Mallokup Bridge.

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