The Bun-Geo Economic Multiplier

$1,722 M TOURISM

$ 790 M Mining

$ 367 M Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing (combined) 1.

This is the remarkable importance of tourism to our economy in the Bunbury Geographe region. Tourism generates more than twice the value of Mining, and more than 4 and a 1/2 the value of Ag, Forestry and Fishing combined…

“The visitor economy is supported at a national level by the federal government through Tourism Australia, and at a state and regional level by Tourism WA and Australia’s South West respectively. To maximise this investment benefit in a region, it’s crucial that it is supported a sub-regional level by local government” 1.

That’s why the Capel Council passed motions 185/2019 and 186/2019, to protect the Giant Trees in the Gelorup Corridor. They represent an irreplaceable natural asset.
The 6 biggest recorded trees from 5 different species, all within 4 km of each other.

A natural phenomenon not seen anywhere else in the world!

What State government would be foolish enough to destroy this amazing natural asset?
The current WA government. Why? Because MRWA has a 50 year old plan to put a road through there.
On 13th March, let Mark McGowan, Rita Saffioti and Don Punch know that this is completely unacceptable!
  1. Bunbury Geographe Tourism Partnership (June 2020) ‘A New Way Forward’ p. 6.

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